With Parliament scheduled to reconsider the Marriages Bill this week, some members of the public and concerned groups gathered at the parliament building to witness the discussion of the Definition of Spouse Private Members’ Bill.

The private bill was presented by Swapo MP Jerry Ekandjo in the National Assembly during the 7th session.

Stop Homosexuality and Same-Sex Marriage, Chairperson' Pendapala Nakathingo, emphasised the "national interest and the profound impact" of the bill on the current and future generations.

Nakathingo noted that if the motion is not tabled for discussion during this week's parliamentary session, they would closely monitor the situation and explore the way forward.

The National Assembly's spokesperson, Sakeus Kadhikwa, clarified the separation of powers on matters such as these.

"First and foremost, we need to understand the three branches of government, with Parliament being one of them. We do not intervene in the operations regarding how long it takes to pass legislation."



Serafia Nadunya