No longer the only feature attraction in the country around this time, the Windhoek Agricultural, Livestock, and Motor Show is not attracting crowds comparable to its past.

Still, those who have taken the time to pop in say it remains a fun experience.

The Windhoek Show opened its gates on Saturday, billed as amusement for families and friends.

Exhibitors are offered a prime platform for showcasing their wares and services, while government agencies get to communicate their services to the public in an informal way.

With an increasing number of national events and activities to compete with, the Windhoek Show looks somewhat emptier than in previous years.

The show runs for the next week, ending on Saturday, opening at 11:00 in the morning and closing at 21:00 on weekdays. Weekend hours are 10AM to 9PM.

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Windhoek Show Grounds


Lucy Nghifindaka