The Vaalgras Traditional Authority has distanced itself from misleading information circulating on social media over the designation and coronation of the rightful successor to the late Chief Joel Stephanus. Stephanus died in July 2021. 

The Vaalgras Traditional Authority, in a statement issued, stated it was on course to amicably resolve the smooth conclusion of the chieftaincy succession process during a meeting scheduled for October 21st.

"The Vaalgras Traditional Authority is deeply concerned about rival activities by disgruntled and desperate-hungry individuals in our society. These activities, which are preparations towards the purported designation and coronation of a rival Chief for Vaalgras Traditional Authority, include a list of prominent community members and their children, uninformed youth members, as well as respected church leaders, civil servants, business personalities, and even Vaalgras Traditional Authority Councillors, distributed on social media to create a false impression they command the support of the community," warned Aloysius Boys, Councillor of the Vaalgras Traditional Authority.

Boys further warned the Vaalgras community against fundraising for the coronation event yet.

"In conclusion, the Vaalgras Traditional Authority is warning the entire Vaalgras Community members, its associates, the rest of the stakeholders, and the government in general that it will continue to pursue processes as laid down in the governing legislation and the Customary Law of the Vaalgras Community as far as the designation of the next traditional Chief of Vaalgras is concerned."



Luqman Cloete