The lack of football stadiums in Namibia has been a long-standing concern for many years. Hosting Debmarine Namibia Premiership matches at the Dr Hage Geingob Rugby Stadium has resulted in damage to the facility, causing frustration among rugby fans. While the use of the rugby stadium as a solution for top football clubs in Windhoek has generated excitement, it has also sparked controversy.

Recently, two Debmarine Premiership games were held at the Dr Hage Geingob Stadium and attracted a record number of fans, leading to a packed stadium. The high attendance and enthusiastic support created an electric atmosphere during the game. Both teams displayed good play on the field, providing entertainment for the spectators. However, some fans caused damage to the seats, which received negative reactions from rugby fans on social media.

The Namibia Rugby Union has acknowledged that close to 50 seats in the stadium were damaged by football fans. However, they have not provided further information on how they plan to address the situation, as they need to assess the extent of the damage and consult their business partners first. If the Namibia Rugby Union decides to terminate their agreement with the stadium, it could negatively impact the football sector, which is already struggling with a lack of proper stadiums.

Furthermore, the SKW stadium will not be available for football activities until next year, as it needs to rest for the annual Windhoek Festival. This further limits the options for football activities in the area. The Independence Stadium, a potential alternative venue, is currently undergoing renovations, and it is uncertain when it will be ready for games. The fact that FIFA and CAF officials have banned the stadium adds to the uncertainty surrounding its availability.

Currently, local teams in Windhoek only have the UNAM  stadium available for their home games.