Employers are urged to be just in the way they treat security guards, particularly when it comes to remuneration and conditions of employment.

This call was made when the Security Association of Namibia celebrated the men and women in uniform in the security cluster at its 31-year anniversary.

With the safety and security of all Namibians a key duty of all security forces in the country, the sector is faced with serious challenges.

The President of the Security Association of Namibia, Dhiginina Uutaapama, highlighted the troubles faced by security guards.

Among these are poor salaries.

"You are the silent guardians who watch over us day and night. Ensuring that everyone can lead their lives without fear or worry. Your unwavering dedication, selflessness, and bravery are truly commendable every day. You confront challenges that any of us can imagine."

"But we must also take note of the report on the national minimum wage that is circulating and be cautious about its potential impact on our industry. The security sector employs approximately 30,000 security officers, and implementing such a wage may lead to high unemployment and economic strain."

The event also served as a platform to appreciate those who dedicate their lives to ensuring that law and order are maintained.

NamPol's Inspector General, Joseph Shikongo, said the security cluster employs about thirty thousand employees, so safety and security should not be a concern.

Lieutenant General Shikongo says collaborations would ensure that crime is effectively fought and make Namibia a safer place.

He further stressed that Nanpol and SAN should come up with initiatives to better promote security companies and equip them with training and equipment to ensure that they carry out their work effectively.

"We can have something like an expo where they can actually showcase their abilities. I think those are all innovative issues that we want to see. So when we talk about security companies, they are contributing significantly to our economy. They are contributing actively to our resources. But there are also a number of issues that we need to address. Issues like training, as I said. Training is very important. It is number one. Number two is equipment to equip the officers. It is a pity when you find some security companies that are making profit and making money in terms of guarding, but then you find their officers are not paid."

Lieutenant Shikongo said more needs to be done to make sure that the security cluster's challenges are resolved. He is urging those owning security companies to take care of their employees by ensuring their safety on site at the properties they operate from and protect.


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