The Physical Active Youth Center in Katutura was abuzz with excitement as the RMB Namibia Cycling Federation's Bicycle Motocross (BMX) competition kicked off on Saturday morning. 

Approximately 100 children from Katutura participated in different age categories, including U-8, U-10, U-12, U-14, and U-16.

The gravel race track proved to be a tough challenge for the young riders, many of whom were unfamiliar with such terrain. As a result, collisions and painful falls occurred, leading to minor injuries.

Physical Active Youth Cycling Coach, Japet Amukushu, acknowledged that the track presented a new and difficult experience for the children, contributing to their initial struggles.

However, BMX Development Coach Laban Naftal ensured that all the young riders received proper care and attention. He also mentioned that training courses will be provided to help improve their cycling skills, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable experience in the future.

Despite the initial difficulties, experienced riders demonstrated their skills and successfully completed the race, showcasing their talent and experience in BMX cycling.

This community outreach initiative was organized by the Namibia Cycling Federation and sponsored by RMB Namibia, highlighting their commitment to promoting youth engagement in sports and providing opportunities for young riders to develop their skills.


Photo Credits
Physically Active Youth Namibia


Nicolaus Thiremo