MTC held an innovation bazaar this week with the aim of embracing a future where every idea, perspective, and individual find their place in the digital landscape, fostering a world where innovation knows no boundaries.

MTC held the indaba in collaboration with the Namibia University of Science and Technology's ICTechHub and the High-Tech Transfer Plaza Select, which have been at the forefront of igniting the flames of innovation.

The event that started on Wednesday has not just been a showcase; it has been a dynamic window into the future.

Over the course of three days, groundbreaking technologies and innovations took centre stage, leaving an indelible mark on industries and individual lives alike.

It's mission is clear: to bring together a diverse mix of visionaries, investors, industry leaders, mentors, partners, and innovators, all converging under one roof.

The ICTechHub Coordinator, Selma Auala, emphasised that the bazaar aims to embrace the future where every idea, every perspective, and every individual finds their place in the digital landscape, fostering a world where innovation knows no boundaries. She explains the overview of the event from day one.

"The whole event actually had a lot of pitch sessions from the innovators, so there were four categories of pitch sessions: we had health, we had education, we had ICT, and currently we are having the economic and environmental pitch sessions that are running. We also had a few panel discussions about digital inclusivity, because the theme of the main event is digital inclusivity. How can we bridge that gap for the disadvantaged marginalised communities to have access to all this technology? Today we have our final panel discussion about the Fifth Industrial Revolution."

The MTC Tech Innovation Bazaar is a catalyst for collaboration and a launchpad for transformative ideas and projects that have the potential to reshape the technological landscape.

The investor pitch for all the health innovations seized this opportunity to be part of the tech revolution and actively contribute to shaping the future of health in Namibia.

Throughout the journey for the past two days, attendees witnessed firsthand how these advancements are levelling the playing field, ensuring that the benefits of innovation reach every corner of Namibia.

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Easther Ananias