Swapo Party MP in the National Council, Richard !Gaoseb, has tabled a motion in the National Council to address the adverse impact of hubbly bubbly, also known as hooka, on the health and well-being of Namibia's youth.

The proposed debate includes exploring the negative health effects, substance analysis, and the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare's role in the prevention of this practice.

!Gaoseb in his address to the National Council, is calling for urgent action.

"Medical research has found that hubbly-bubbly is a major contributor to the transmission of diseases such as tuberculosis, viral hepatitis, and oral herpes infections through the sharing of the same mouthpiece. Hooka is also attributed to causing cancer. Prolonged use of hubbly bubbly can also lead to mental breakdown, amputation of body parts, and dependency on oxygen, followed by decreased fertility."

!Gaoseb recommends that the matter be referred to the National Council's Standing Committee on Health, Social Welfare, and Labour Affairs for further investigation.

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Serafia Nadunya