National Council MP's commends Health ministry

MPs in the National Council have applauded the Ministry of Health and Social Services for some major achievements and completed programs during the previous fiscal year.

The MPs called on the government to consider employing community extension health workers who helped health professionals and community members during the COVID-19 pandemic.

They have also requested that rural clinics operate on weekends and build more facilities that are accessible to people with disabilities.

Goeieman urges government to recognize traditional medicine

The Councillor of Berseba Constituency, Jeremias Goeieman, has called on the government to recognize traditional medicines and regulate their use.

Speaking in the National Council, Goeieman argued that traditional medicines are more affordable and accessible than conventional treatments.

He added that traditional medicines have properties that could stabilize hormones and strengthen the immune system.

National Council MPs support budgetary allocation of the Agriculture Ministry

Members of Parliament in the National Council supported the budgetary allocation of the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Land Reform, and appealed for an increase in order to meet its obligations of ensuring food security and equitable land re-distribution.

In his contribution, Okorukambe Constituency Councillor Rocco Nguvauva expressed concern with the resettlement programme saying some beneficiaries have not occupied their land while those who occupied are subleasing it.

National Council proposes change to NASFAF revision criteria

MPs in the National Council have proposed the revision of criteria used by the Namibia Students Financial Assistance Fund (NSFAF) to fund the students.

They say the majority of students who ought to benefit from the fund do not receive financial aid, questioning the fund's fairness.

The NSFAF receives a large portion of the Ministry of Higher Education budget, and MPs believe the money is sufficient to cater to a larger population of students.

National Council discuss Appropriation Bill for 2023/2024

The National Council started the committee stage of the Appropriation Bill for 2023/2024, discussing individual allocations to various ministries.

The allocation for the Office of the Prime Minister attracted significant attention from the MPs, who voiced concern that the amount was insufficient to aid drought-affected communities.

The National Council MPs made several suggestions with regard to the re-organization of government agencies, such as the separation of the Namibia Investment Promotion and Development Board from the Office of the President. 

MPs discuss human-wildlife conflict

In a recent session of the National Council, several Members of Parliament expressed their concern over the increasing incidents of wildlife attacks in the country. 

The MPs, representing constituencies in both urban and rural areas, spoke of the growing danger to human lives and property caused by wild animals such as crocodiles and elephants.

Councillor Mbangu calls for implementation of basic income grant for the unemployed

The Councillor of Rundu Rural Constituency in the Kavango East Region, Paulus Mbangu, has suggested that government implement a basic income grant that will cater to every unemployed Namibian and so combat poverty and unemployment in the country.

In his contribution to the national budget for 2023/24 in the National Council, Mbangu emphasized, that the grant would prove crucial to tackling pressing socio-economic issues.

National Council Members applaud the Finance Minister for the early budget table 

Members of Parliament in the National Council have applauded the Minister of Finance for tabling the budget ahead of schedule this year as compared to previous years.

In a recent discussion on the national budget, lawmakers expressed their support for the budget, which saw various sectors allocate additional funds.

Numerous proposals were also brought up during the session to tackle a range of concerns, including wildlife conflict, unemployment, drought, road infrastructure, and health facilities.

National Council members calls for emergency response to drought

Lawmakers in the National Council have called for an emergency plan to respond to the impending drought, which they say has already affected many due to a lack of rainfall.

The MPs in the House of Review are currently discussing the 2023–2024 budget, referred to it by the National Assembly.

MPs stressed the urgent need for an emergency plan that would provide immediate relief to communities affected by the drought.

MPs calls for urgent intervention to address state of the health facilities

MPs in the National Council are calling for an urgent intervention to address the appalling state of the health facilities across the country, describing it as shocking.

This came to light when MPs shared their views on a report by the Standing Committee on Health, Social Welfare and Labour Affairs before the house went on recess.