National Council approves MURD's budget


The National Council has approved a budget of over N$2 billion for the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development.

Some MPs, however, urged the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development, in collaboration with the Public Service Commission and the Secretary of the Cabinet, to promptly explore the activation of the Directorate of Integration Development within regional councils.

NC Standing Committee reports back on their visit to Kenya


The National Council has adopted a report from its Standing Committee on Health, Social Welfare, and Labour Affairs regarding a visit last year to the Kenyan Parliament's Senate.

The committee visited the Kenyan Senate and the Nairobi County Assembly to learn about their operations and best practices. 

A focal point of the visit was universal health coverage, with Kenya being recognised for successfully implementing the World Health Organisation's UHC agenda. 

MPs call for training of teachers on the revised curriculum


Members of Parliament in the National Council urged the government to prioritise training for teachers and other stakeholders in the education sector to effectively navigate the revised curriculum.

They were contributing to the report of the Standing Committee on Education on the high failure rate of learners for the Namibia Senior Secondary Certificate Ordinary and the Namibia Senior Secondary Certificate Advance Subsidiary levels in 2022.

National Council goes on recess


The 11th session of the 6th National Council went into recess today and will resume on April 8th this year.

Vice Chairperson of the National Council, Victoria Kauma, commended MPs for demonstrating unity, resilience, and the spirit of collaboration, despite grieving for the late President Hage Geingob. 

The Vehicle Mass Bill and High Court Amendment Bill of 2023 have been passed and referred to in terms of Article 75 to the National Assembly, and Kauma has thus commended MPs for their tireless effort and unwavering commitment to the service of Namibian citizens.

President Geingob built unshaken public service foundation 


National Council members and government executive directors expressed their deepest sympathies and offered their support to the Geingo family during their time of mourning.

This was done during scheduled visits to Casa Rosalia.

Victoria Kauma, Vice Chairperson of the National Council, conveyed a heartfelt message of condolence on behalf of the members of the MPs to Monica Geingos, the children, and the family at their residence.

The government's executive directors also paid their respects and offered condolences to the Geingo family.

NC wants speedy passing of High, Magistrates Court Amendment Bills


Members of Parliament in the National Council are calling for swift endorsement of both the High Court Amendment Bill and the Magistrates Court Amendment Bill.

This appeal is driven by the need to shield the public from the prospect of home forfeitures, a pressing concern exacerbated by provisions within the existing High Court Act 16 of 1990.

Sombre atmosphere prevails at National Council's opening


The Vice Chairperson of the National Council, Victoria Kauma, addressed the assembly during the official opening of the 11th Session of the 6th National Council, acknowledging the sombre atmosphere prevailing due to the recent death of President Hage G. Geingob.

Kauma urged members to observe a moment of silence in honour of the late President, highlighting his significant contributions to Namibia. 

Despite the collective grief, she emphasised the importance of fulfilling the constitutional mandate, citing Articles 74 and 75 as guiding principles.

NUDO calls for mature discussions around issues facing party


The President of the National Unity Democratic Organisation (NUDO) has called for mature discussions around issues facing the party and for unity.

Dr. Utjiua Muinjangue opened the party's national council meeting in Windhoek on Saturday.

The National Council is NUDO's second-highest decision-making body, and its meetings seek to iron out challenges facing the Party ahead of the elective congress.