ECN urged to introduce permanent voter card system


Members of the National Council have called on the Electoral Commission of Namibia to implement a permanent voter card system. 

This proposal, aimed at streamlining the electoral process, seeks to boost efficiency and minimise administrative burdens.

Additionally, the council members expressed concerns regarding the time gap between the announcement of election results and the official assumption of office. 

These issues were raised during discussions on Section 25 of the Electoral Amendment Bill.

NC session ends abruptly due to heated exchanges


The National Council (NC) session today ended abruptly because of heated exchanges between some parliamentarians.

The session spiralled into chaos as Members of Parliament (MP) raised concerns over a report tabled by the Standing Committee on Transport, Infrastructure, and Housing on its oversight mission to the regions.

NC MP and Independent candidate Paulus Mbangu demanded that the report be withdrawn as it was not in conformity with the set standards of parliamentary reports.

National Council MPs want youth to run own affairs


Members of Parliament in the National Council are concerned over youth not being given equal opportunity in decision-making in the political affairs of the country.

They raised this when contributing to the report tabled by Swapo Party MP Emma Muteka, who attended the forum of young parliamentarians held in Luanda, Angola, during the 147th Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU Assembly in October.

The foundation topic discussed at the IPU was the campaign "I Say Yes to Youth in Parliament'.

NC MPs expresse concern for public health over use of hooka pipes


Members of Parliament in the National Council expressed concern for public health over the use of hooka pipes, or, as they are otherwise popularly known, hubbly bubbly, especially when shared.

They were contributing to the motion tabled by Swapo Party MP Richard !Gaoseb, which includes the need for an analysis of its health side effects.

Swapo MP Hans Nambondi said that when shared between individuals from mouth to mouth, hubbly bubbly can potentially facilitate the transmission of infectious diseases or communicable diseases.

NC holds workshop to enhance public participation


The National Council Parliamentary Standing Committees and civil society organisations held a workshop in Windhoek to enhance public participation in the oversight activities of the committees for the strengthening of democratic initiatives and social justice.

Civil society organisations in Namibia continue to play an important role in supporting human rights and democracy, as well as promoting transparency, accountability, and social justice.

However, very often, civil societies feel left out of national issues as their mandate is misunderstood.

Motion tabled to address adverse impact of hubbly bubbly


Swapo Party MP in the National Council, Richard !Gaoseb, has tabled a motion in the National Council to address the adverse impact of hubbly bubbly, also known as hooka, on the health and well-being of Namibia's youth.

The proposed debate includes exploring the negative health effects, substance analysis, and the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare's role in the prevention of this practice.

!Gaoseb in his address to the National Council, is calling for urgent action.

National Council MPs welcome drought relief budget


Some members of the National Council welcomed the drought relief budget allocation following the adjustment of the amount by the Minister of Finance and Public Enterprises.

Iipumbu Shiimi added an additional N$643 million to supplement the drought relief provision under the Office of the Prime Minister, covering both food distribution as well as support for affected farmers.

Swapo MP Leonard Shikulo expressed appreciation, saying the community of the Omusati Region is satisfied with the allocation of funds for drought relief.

Professor Norbert Lammert, pays a courtesy call on NC


The former Speaker of the German Parliament and Chairperson of the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Professor Norbert Lammert, paid a courtesy call on the National Council.

The purpose of the engagement was to gain an understanding of the political systems and processes within the Namibian parliament.

"We would like to support the efficiency of parliament in a constitutional democracy like Namibia, and to say the political systems don't differ from each other by the existence of the government; they differ in terms of whether there is serious parliamentary participation."

National Council MPs debate bread and butter issues


The National Council MPs debated on the second reading featuring the Appropriation Amendment Bill.

The bill solely looks at revising and reallocating resources without changing the total amount of expenditure.

MPs have commended the Ministry of Finance and Public Enterprises' efforts to curb excessive spending and for recognising the economic strain experienced by all Namibians.

MPs urged to uphold decorum of Parliament


The National Council and Swapo Party Member of Parliament, George Garab, tabled the report on the 71st Westminster Seminar of the Common Wealth Parliamentary Association on effective parliaments held in March.

63 delegates from Namibia attended the seminar, which Garab said met its objectives, highlighting the importance of parliamentary scrutiny and oversight.