Some National Council MPs concern about inefficiency of ECN


National Council Swapo Party MP John Likando has expressed concerns about the inefficiency of the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN), particularly highlighting delays in the registration process.

Likando was speaking during the debate on the Electoral Amendment Bill.

The debate centred on the Electoral Amendment Bill, specifically on amendments to Section 74.

The amendment aims to allow members of the public service, National Council members, regional councils, and local authorities to participate equally in general elections.

Intense debate in National Council on Marriage Bill


Lawmakers in the National Council debated the new Marriage Bill, raising concerns about allowing an 18-year-old to marry, citing potential risks to their education and maturity levels.

The bill, aimed at regulating marriages and validating certain unions, ignited intense discussion from several fronts.

Swapo MP Andreas Amundjindi's concern was about allowing 18-year-olds to exchange vows.

National Council resumes


The National Council resumed business today.

The National Council, or House of Review, reviews bills passed or referred to by the lower house, the National Assembly, and addresses regional concerns.

When it resumed today, the session began with a moment of silence in honour of the late former Education, Arts, and Culture Minister, Katrina Hanse-Himarwa.

 The National Council's Chairperson, Lukas Muha, emphasised the importance of purposeful deliberation, highlighting unity as a cornerstone of effective governance.

Namibia, Russia strengthen ties with Federation Council visit


The National Council hosted the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation to strengthen their long-standing relationship.

Highlighting the importance of continued collaboration through "friendship groups for cooperation," the week-long visit had various activities, including touring the Parliament, visiting the Heroes Acre, and the tomb of the late President Hage Geingob to honour and respect him for the work he has contributed for his country. 

National Council approves MURD's budget


The National Council has approved a budget of over N$2 billion for the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development.

Some MPs, however, urged the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development, in collaboration with the Public Service Commission and the Secretary of the Cabinet, to promptly explore the activation of the Directorate of Integration Development within regional councils.

NC Standing Committee reports back on their visit to Kenya


The National Council has adopted a report from its Standing Committee on Health, Social Welfare, and Labour Affairs regarding a visit last year to the Kenyan Parliament's Senate.

The committee visited the Kenyan Senate and the Nairobi County Assembly to learn about their operations and best practices. 

A focal point of the visit was universal health coverage, with Kenya being recognised for successfully implementing the World Health Organisation's UHC agenda. 

MPs call for training of teachers on the revised curriculum


Members of Parliament in the National Council urged the government to prioritise training for teachers and other stakeholders in the education sector to effectively navigate the revised curriculum.

They were contributing to the report of the Standing Committee on Education on the high failure rate of learners for the Namibia Senior Secondary Certificate Ordinary and the Namibia Senior Secondary Certificate Advance Subsidiary levels in 2022.

National Council goes on recess


The 11th session of the 6th National Council went into recess today and will resume on April 8th this year.

Vice Chairperson of the National Council, Victoria Kauma, commended MPs for demonstrating unity, resilience, and the spirit of collaboration, despite grieving for the late President Hage Geingob. 

The Vehicle Mass Bill and High Court Amendment Bill of 2023 have been passed and referred to in terms of Article 75 to the National Assembly, and Kauma has thus commended MPs for their tireless effort and unwavering commitment to the service of Namibian citizens.