Namibia has made significant progress in the fight against HIV/AIDS, coming very close to meeting the 95-95-95 testing, treatment, and viral suppression targets of UNAIDS.

In Namibia, 95% of all adults 15 to 49 years old are aware of their HIV status, of whom 97% are accessing treatment, and 94% of these have suppressed their viral loads.

Minister in the Presidency Christine ||Hoëbes says Namibia proudly celebrates this progress in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

||Hoëbes addressed the World AIDS Day commemoration at Mariental.

She stressed that collaborative efforts, robust healthcare infrastructure, and community engagements have propelled the nation forward, adding that the United States government's donation of 16 vehicles for clinical mentorship speaks volumes for international support.

The global theme for this year's commemoration is "Let Communities Lead," and ||Hoëbes maintained that Namibia recognises and values community involvement. 

Over 20,000 people benefit from community adherence groups, showcasing the power of collective action. 

As World AIDS Day is commemorated, Namibia reflects on its achievements, acknowledges the challenges, and renews its commitment to an HIV-free future.

||Hoëbes concluded that Namibia vows to eliminate stigma and let communities lead towards building a healthier, more resilient, and HIV-free nation. 

Hildegardt Blaauw has been a champion of living positively with HIV for the past 22 years.

UNAIDS is urging governments across the world to empower grassroots communities to lead the fight to end AIDS. A new report by UNAIDS, Let Communities Lead, shows that AIDS can be ended as a public health threat by 2030, but only if communities on the frontlines get the full support they need from governments and donors.

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Emil Xamro Seibeb