The Otjiwarongo Municipality has entered into an agreement with the Road Fund Administration and the Roads Authority to rehabilitate and upgrade the roads in the town.

Residents of Otjiwarongo have over the years complained about the state of the roads, especially because they have very large potholes.

Since the town is situated on the B1 road, heavy cargo trucks have to go through the town, worsening the already existing potholes.

It is against this background that the Road Fund Administration and the Roads Authority will step in to assist the Otjiwarongo Municipality with financial and technical assistance to help repair the town roads.

Even though it is rainy season, the council is making sure that the process is accelerated to ensure that the roads are rehabilitated and upgraded.

The council themselves have already completed phase one of the project, and as part of the agreement, it will now start with phase 2.

Mwanyekange says water supply infrastructure also needs to be replaced, as the pipes have been used since the establishment of the town.

The municipality will also be replacing the water reservoirs as they are leaking.

He says the council is making sure that they engage with local economic development initiatives to bring about employment opportunities for the Otjiwarongo residents.

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Eveline Paulus