The Otjiwarongo mayor has called on residents to refrain from littering.

Gottlieb Shivute made this call during the Otjiwarongo clean-up campaign.

As part of the efforts to make Otjiwarongo the cleanest town in Namibia, residents, including the Namibian Defence Force and other cooperating companies, joined the Otjiwarongo Municipality in cleaning up the town.

With the amount of dirt lying around Otjiwarongo, having all hands on deck during the campaign makes all the difference.

The campaign, led by Mayor Gottlieb Shivute, started early in the morning at 6:00 a.m. at Etambi, going towards the informal areas of Otjiwarongo.

"Clean-up efforts by providing health efforts such as eliminating breading sites for mosquitoes and other dangerous pets. This is why we priotised education and awareness as important vehicles to facilitate long-term changes about waste management necessary to achieve our goal of sustainable partners and production and consumption. ''

The municipality provided protective gloves, trash pick-up sticks, and other cleaning equipment for the exercise.

Areas that are usually used as dumpsites by residents were also cleaned up, giving the informal settlement a facelift.

The mayor called upon all residents to be environmental ambassadors within their communities to protect Mother Nature.

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Eveline Paulus