Renowned sports journalist Carlos Kambaekwa has raised concerns regarding the recent suspension of Black Africa as a member of the Southern Stream First Division League.

The decision to suspend the team was made during the league's executive virtual meeting due to Black Africa's failure to fulfill their league matches in the second tier league.

The suspension came after two Black Africa teams showed up for matches instead of one, as a result of conflicting leadership groups vying for control of the club. Kambaekwa questions the hasty decision to suspend the team without proper due process, stating that it does not make sense.

He also highlights the involvement of a law firm representing one of the leadership groups in the Black Africa saga. If a satisfactory solution is not found, Kambaekwa suggests that the matter may end up in a court of law.

Kambaekwa further criticizes the football governing body, NFA, for distancing itself from the issue, potentially to avoid being accused of favoritism.

The league has stated that Black Africa will be summoned to appear before a Disciplinary Committee to address the misconduct related to their failure to fulfill matches.

Unfortunately, the specific duration of the suspension has not been communicated, and attempts to gather more information from the league have been unsuccessful. It is expected that the Black Africa issue will be discussed at the upcoming NFA Council meeting scheduled for the 20th of this month.



Kavii Vezemburuka