In the Democratic Republic of Congo, Congolese voters will elect their new president alongside parliamentary, regional assembly, and local council positions on December 20.

nbc's reporter, Ndishishii Hamufungu, took to the streets of Kinshasa ahead of next week's elections.

This bustling Kintambo Mangasin is a locality in Kinshasa.

Here, like in the rest of the capital, billboards, regardless of the size, house campaign material all over the place.

Residents hope that the December 20th election is a peaceful and transparent process, but one that ultimately brings development and prosperity for them.

56-year-old Didier Banyuka hopes that this election is a true reflection of the ballots cast and not a repeat of the 2018 controversy, where there was widespread view that the incumbent president had lost the elections to Martin Fayulu.

Business is slow here in Kintambo Mangasin, and the depreciation of the Congolese Franc against the dollar has made life all the more difficult for vendors.

Nana Bolinda is a provincial deputy candidate, and while she shares appreciation for the work that has gone into preparations for these elections, she raised concern about suspect voters' cards.

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