SADC expresses concern over ethnic tensions


The Southern African Development Community (SADC) Electoral  Observation Mission has lauded the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) for its overall peaceful and calm conduct during the elections. 

However, the mission has also voiced concerns about escalating ethnic tensions in certain regions of the country.

Delays, logistical issues, and alleged fraudulent activities saw the DRC presidential and legislative elections extended for another day while some opposition parties called for a re-run.

INTERVIEW | Ndishishii Hamfungu on DRC elections


Millions of Congolese voters will cast ballots in one of the most anticipated elections of 2023 on Wednesday.

With the high-stakes vote, the Democratic Republic of the Congo may have undergone its second peaceful civilian-to-civilian transition since gaining independence from Belgium in June 1960.

nbc News presenter Blanche Goreses spoke to Senior Producer Ndishishii Hamfungu, who is in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

DRC to go to polls tomorrow


Namibia's head of mission to the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ambassador Simeon Uulenga, is confident that the DRC elections to be held tomorrow will be credible.

Uulenga says that Namibia enjoys sound relations with the DRC dating back to pre-independence and will continue to do so, regardless of who wins the presidential race. 

The DRC is a major trading partner of Namibia in Southern Africa, owing much to the tripartite agreement between Namibia, Zambia, and the DRC, which gave birth to the Walvis Bay-Ndola-Lubumbashi Development Corridor.

SADC launches election observation mission in DRC


The SADC Electoral Observation Mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo's Presidential, Legislative, and Provincial Elections was launched in Kinshasa on Saturday.

This is in line with Article 3 of the revised SADC Principles and Guidelines Governing Democratic Elections, which provides that SADC shall observe all general elections held in its member states.

Zambia's President Hakainde Hichilema and Chairperson of the SADC Organ on Politics, Defense, and Security Cooperation appointed former Vice President of Zambia, Enoch Kavindele, as the Head of Mission.

Kinshasa residents eagerly anticipate attending the upcoming polls next week


In the Democratic Republic of Congo, Congolese voters will elect their new president alongside parliamentary, regional assembly, and local council positions on December 20.

nbc's reporter, Ndishishii Hamufungu, took to the streets of Kinshasa ahead of next week's elections.

This bustling Kintambo Mangasin is a locality in Kinshasa.

Here, like in the rest of the capital, billboards, regardless of the size, house campaign material all over the place.

Tshisekedi accuses opposition of collaborating with enemy forces


The President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Felix Tshisekedi, has accused the opposition of being in cahoots with rebel groups in the country's conflict-stricken east.

The DRC has been plagued by conflict in the North Kivu province, and Tshisekedi, who is seeking re-election in next week's vote, has repeatedly accused Rwandan President Paul Kagame of backing the M23 rebels.  

Tshisekedi this week went a step further and accused the opposition of also forming part of this alleged plot.

DRC delegates on benchmarking visit to Namibia


Delegates from the Democratic Republic of the Congo's various government road sector institutions are on a benchmarking visit to Namibia.


The visit, which aims at sharing technical skills on the maintenance of roads, is a partnership between Road Fund Administrators within SADC and other organisations such as the Walvis Bay Corridor Group to pass road maintenance skills to those that are linked to the transport hub concept.