Although Outjo in the Kunene Region is considered one of the gateways to the Etosha National Park, its tourism centre has recorded little to no tourists making use of its services.

The nbc News team caught up with an employee at the centre, Ndapandula Hailonga, who confirmed the centre has recorded its lowest service level compared to last year.

The centre reopened in 2021, with the services of a bistro and the curio shop that have been fully operational since last year, with three employees.

However, Hailonga stated that this week alone, the centre's curio shop only received three international visitors.

"We probably got like two to three visitors, which is really a disappointment because we are not making money, and then the money has to be reinvested back in the shop. But last year, it was better than this. We had more people coming in, and I am just hoping it gets better when we are moving towards the New Year."

There is also a lack of support for the locals, although the restaurant occasionally sees an influx of people stopping over to relax.

The tourism information centre operates seven days a week.

"I am just hoping the tourists really come back, because we need the money. It has been really, really quiet. Mostly it's just international tourists; the locals think the prices are too high for them."

The centre was set up because of its strategic location in close proximity to the national park and game farms.

According to the municipality website, the town records between 10,000 and 20,000 tourists travelling through during the peak season from September to May.

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