Kunene RC assist 15 OvaHimba families living alongside the road near Kamanjab

Following weeks of 15 OvaHimba families living alongside the road on the outskirts of Kamanjab Settlement, the Kunene Regional Council has intervened to assist the group, that was evicted from a resettlement farm in the area. 

The council started to register the families and some have appealed to either be allocated farming units or move back to their homeland while some wish to settle at the settlement. 

The families were evicted from ToKo Lodge and Farm in April this year, after a change of ownership.

Opuwo annual Trade Fair kicks off

The 10th annual Opuwo Trade Fair has kicked off but at a slow pace.

So far the trade fair only attracted about a hundred visitors since the gates opened on Monday.

There are 123 exhibitors participating at the trade fair, showcasing unique products made in Opuwo.

The Council also incorporated a career fair, boxing bonanza, cultural and tourism expo and the Miss Opuwo Beauty pageant.

Opuwo hosts discussion on creating a lucrative livestock market for communal farmers

A roundtable discussion under the theme "creation of a lucrative livestock market for farmers in the communal areas" was held at Opuwo in the Kunene Region.

The meeting, which was organised by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, was attended by communal farmers from the region to discuss how they can acquire a reliable livestock marker for their animals to derive income from their livestock.

Kunene is one of the vast regions in Namibia, and for the past seven to eleven years, the region has failed to get sufficient rainfall.

1647 children in Kunene Region benefit from Project Never Walk Alone

1647 barefooted children in the Kunene Region will each receive a brand new pair of shoes this weekend through the Project Never Walk Alone initiative.

The founder of the 2-year-old project, Tim Ekandjo, says the project represents the dreams and aspirations of every barefoot child in Namibia who wishes to walk and pursue their dreams in the Namibian House.

Of the 1647 brand-new pairs of Namibian-made leather shoes, the Outjo circuit has been selected for the first phase in the region.

Otjomuru Combined School renamed after Dr. Libertina Amathila

Otjomuru Combined School has been renamed after Dr. Libertina Amathila, the former Deputy Prime Minister in her honour for the role she played in the upliftment of the Otjomuru Village in the Epupa Constituency.

Established 22 years ago at Olau Village, Otjomuru Combined School started with 23 learners and one teacher, with classes conducted in a tent.

In 2008, the school was relocated to Otjomuru Village on a permanent basis, catering to Grades 1 to 5 then.

Kunene Region most under developed 33 years after independence

33 years after independence, the Kunene Region remains one of the most underdeveloped regions in the country, and its administrative leadership says it is doing all it can with the available resources to change the dire status quo.

Scores of people wandering the dusty streets of the Kunene regional capital, Opuwo, paint the picture of a public holiday, but it remains a normal working day.

The town of Opuwo has many government offices, though few private firms are visible, and residents wandering the streets are predominantly unemployed.

Civil war refugees in Namibia still without any national documents

Some of those who fled Angola's protracted civil war and have been living in Namibia for more than twenty years still remain without national documents.

This group of people, mostly the Ovazemba communities found in the Kunene Region, were displaced by the civil war in that country and remain stateless in Namibia.

Historians have found that they are among the San, including other sub-tribes of the Ovaherero, who were the original inhabitants of Namibia.

Kunene Region records highest rate of youth unemployment

Kunene Region, one of the regions with the highest rate of youth unemployment and marginalized communities.

The introduction of the community radio station there was meant to alleviate some of these challenges; however, the targeted group is yet to fully embrace a tool many call "the voice of the poor."

The Kunene Community Radio Station Manager, Rufus Sheehama, is one of the four volunteers at the small community radio station.

Lack of necessities at Ombaka Mobile Primary School hampers teaching

A lack of basic necessities at Ombaka Mobile Primary School in Kunene's Epupa Circuit is severely hampering the delivery of quality education.

These include a lack of classrooms, chairs, desks, stationery, and food.

A number of learners at Ombaka Mobile Primary School sit on the floor during the lessons as the school does not have enough tables and chairs.

Fransfontein Community Garden thrives

The  Fransfontein Community Garden in the Kunene Region is thriving after receiving N$12.3 million in funding from the Environmental Investment Fund Namibia.

The farmers there have reaped a bountiful harvest, and profits are being raked in thanks to the support of the local community at the settlement and surrounding villages.

More than 1,500 people in the area bought affordable produce directly from the project.