In the ongoing battle against drug abuse, the Ohangwena Region is taking a firm stance, with the police having confiscated drugs worth N$1.7 million this year. 

This was revealed during an anti-drug awareness campaign organised by the non-profit organisation Fighting Against Drug Use in Villages in Ongenga.

The eighth edition of the anti-drug campaign, which was well attended, highlights the community's eagerness to fight drug abuse. 

The founder of the organisation stated the need for financial and material support to expand the campaigns to different villages across all 14 of the country's regions.

Namhadi raised concerns about the escalating drug use problem, particularly among young boys who are being recruited as dealers and falling victim to addiction in the process.

She emphasised the urgent need to strengthen existing programmes to educate communities, especially those in rural areas, about the dangers of drug use and their dire consequences.

"How did I come up with this initiative, you might ask? Was I a former drug user? No. I just realised that as a person from a village in the remote area of Ohangwena, I haven't seen drug awareness campaigns on the dangers of drugs, and this is the reason why I started this initiative to educate our people so that they are aware of the danger that lurks in drugs."

Ohangwena Police Spokesperson, Warrant Officer Andreas Nghiyolwa, is enlightening both young and old about the dangers associated with drugs.

He urged parents to closely monitor their children's behaviour and intervene promptly once they suspect something.

Community members were encouraged to anonymously report any drug-related activities in their areas to safeguard their communities from the adverse effects of drug use.

"In 2018, we intercepted a truck carrying N$3 million's worth of drugs from a neighbouring country; these drugs were destined for our villages and towns. We need to be vigilant and be able to talk to our children about the dangers of drugs and the consequences they carry at all times."

The fight against drug trafficking and substance abuse requires a collaborative approach from all sectors of society. With continued awareness programmes, community engagement, and support for organisations like Fighting Against Drug Use in Villages, there is hope to curb drug use.

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Ndapanda Shuuya