Residents of Neu Sommerau resettlement farm near Kombat are calling on the government to improve their roads as children get stuck when they walk in the mud on the way to school during the rainy seasons.

The Neu Sommerou resettlement farm has been in existence since 2003.

Although the population on the farm has increased over the years, there is a lack of some basic services, with the lack of proper roads being most concerning.

Other issues for which the residents are crying out for help include the shortage of water, though they are close to the Trigon mine in Kombat.

"As you can see behind me, the residents' new samaro have complaints about bad roads, not enough classrooms, and only have one community to serve the community of about 2000 residents. They also complain that they don't have a clinic. They are therefore calling on the government to come to their aid."

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Eveline Paulus