The two coastal towns of Walvis Bay and Swakopmund plan to attract more investors to ensure that they develop in a way that will grow employment opportunities. 

Walvis Bay mayor Trevino Forbes says the town's municipality plans on expanding its boundary to create a conducive environment for foreign investors to put money into infrastructural development.

Forbes says job creation is not the mandate of the council; however, what they can do is make sure value addition takes place in the port city of Walvis Bay to secure more jobs.

The town, he adds, used to be a place of opportunities; however, this is not the case anymore as more youth are finding themselves on the streets without jobs.

He further calls on the municipality, together with the relevant stakeholders, to make sure that proper planning is in place to alleviate joblessness in the town.

"As a council, we are aware of the better problem that we are faced with, but as much as we want to make land available to make housing available, if we don't have employment, none of that will secure us. We don't have a land problem; we have an employment problem. If we employ our people, they will have the means to get proper houses. The problem we are sitting with is the money problem in the country. Employment is the biggest problem."

Swakopmund town mayor Dina Namubes says that this year's focus is to create more job opportunities for young people.

"This year's main goal is mainly to focus on our youth and create more jobs for our younger people without discriminating against our older people, but definitely we need to look at ways to promote and assist stakeholders that can offer job opportunities for our people."

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Municipality of Walvis Bay


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