Financial instability, compounded by low economic growth, is the biggest challenge facing municipalities in southern Africa. 

The South African Local Governance Association President, Stofile Bheke, said this while addressing attendees at the Local Economic Development Indaba held at Luderitz. 

The Association of Local Authorities in Namibia organised the four-day Indaba to examine and explore practical ways that local authorities can expand their revenue streams.

"It is evidence that municipalities face significant challenges in maintaining stable financial income compounded by low economic growth; however, amid these obstacles lie opportunities for change and improvement by exploring various interventions such as improving financial management practices, fostering economic growth, and strengthening government structures. Local government can pave the way for a more sustainable and resilient financial future. It is imperative that we continue to collaborate, innovate, and implement strategies that revive the financial fortunes of our municipalities," said Bheke.

Local and regional sister associations also delivered messages of solidarity with Namibians at the Indaba. 

The Indaba, attended by 46 representatives of local authorities countrywide, ends on Friday.

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