The Councillor of the Sesfontein Constituency, Hendrick Gaobaeb, says development in the constituency is noticeable; however, more needs to be done to upgrade the road network. 

Sesfontein has developed significantly over the years, as the settlement did not have communication infrastructure or electricity, and there were no radio or television receptions until 2004.

The settlement now prides itself on having all these services, including those of the Ministries of Gender, Agriculture, and Works and a settlement office.

Water provision through projects of the Kunene Regional Council, which has drilled five boreholes in the surrounding area of Sesfontein, is currently being carried out to address water shortages facing residents.

"The supply distribution system is already there; the only thing is to be connected to the borehole and to the reservoir and to be distributed to the community. NamWater supply as well as supply from the fountain was a challenge for us to the extent that we gave two water tanks with a capacity of 5,000 litres to the school so that they could capture water," said Gaobaeb.

It is nothing new for residents of Sesfontein not to have water from time to time. However, with water scarcity, human-wildlife conflict is on the increase in the Sesfontein settlement.

The persistent drought has discouraged residents in the Sesfontein constituency from farming with livestock as their survival rate is minimal.

The road infrastructure is also a challenge in Sesfontein, but the councillor says discussions are underway with the Ministry of Works and Transport to construct a road for them.



Eveline Paulus