Two people have died from injuries sustained in separate car accidents along the B1 road in the Otjozondjupa region. These accidents occurred as the Easter long weekend came to an end. In addition, a total of 32 people survived with minor injuries in separate minibus accidents in the region.

According to NamPol's Inspector Maureen Mbeha, the community affairs officer for the Otjozondjupa Region both accidents were caused by tire bursts, which resulted in the drivers losing control and the vehicles overturning multiple times.

One of the accidents happened on Sunday evening, when a quantum minibus enroute to Windhoek overturned about 7 kilometers south of Otjiwarongo. The 47-year-old male driver, who had 16 occupants in the vehicle, including a one-year-old child, did not suffer any fatalities. However, the injured were taken to Otjiwarongo State Hospital for treatment.

The second accident occurred on Friday, March 29, approximately 67 kilometers north of Otjiwarongo. The minibus, which overturned after a rear tire burst, had 18 occupants. 

Unfortunately, two individuals lost their lives in this accident: a 5-year-old child named Kandali Kambonde and a 34-year-old man named Johannes Jogeni Nakale. The injured individuals are currently being treated at Otjiwarongo and Windhoek State Hospitals. The minibus was enroute to Walvisbay from the north.

In light of these accidents, Inspector Mbeha issued a warning to motorists, urging them to ensure that their vehicles are in a safe condition before embarking on trips. She also emphasized the importance of always adhering to traffic rules and regulations. Police investigations into the registered culpable homicide cases are ongoing.

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Faith Sankwasa