As the town of Luderitz is anticipating growth in economic activity, President Nangolo Mbumba called for stability to prevail as one of the enabling factors.

Dr. Mbumba was on a working visit to Luderitz in the ||Kharas Region.

The envisaged green hydrogen and ammonia productions are expected to start, and different industry stakeholders are preparing themselves for an influx to Luderitz.

The current main economic drivers in the southern town are the fishing and tourism industries, and these will now be supplemented by the new discoveries of oil, gas, and green hydrogen.

The Town Council and existing businesses are therefore putting expansion plans in place to meet the demand of the new additional industries.

President Mbumba wants stability to be the guiding factor for these investments.

His emphasis is also on the need for Namibians to prevail in the fight for broader economic emancipation, even when there are political differences.

The Head of State also called for relevant laws to be implemented, as the stakeholders described the predicted economic growth as the 3rd renaissance of Luderitz.

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Blanche Goreses