The Cabinet has directed the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development, in collaboration with the Ministry of Justice, to prepare and propose amendments to Section 74(4) of the Electoral Act.

This is in view of the review of Article 45 of the Constitution and Section 77(4) of the Electoral Act of 2014, which deals with members of the public who wish to participate in elections to the effect that such persons are deemed to have resigned upon being elected to the National Assembly or National Council and not before or upon being nominated.

The amendments should further provide that public servants who, at the time of their election to the National Assembly or Regional Council, have attained the age of 55 years are deemed to have gone on early retirement upon being so elected to the National Assembly or Regional Council and not on their nomination as candidates for elections.

ICT Minister Emma Theofelus elaborated on the Cabinet resolutions.

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Laimi Hainghumbi