The Minister of Higher Education has invited trade unions to nominate four members to the Namibia Training Authority Board.

This follows a call by unions and employer associations last week that the current board be dissolved, as it is allegedly not properly constituted in accordance with the law.

Last week, trade unions and employer federations demanded the immediate dissolution of the current Board of Directors of the NTA, the reversal of resolutions taken by the appointed board members, and the immediate appointment of a new Board of Directors.

They indicated that Dr. Kandji-Murangi failed to include employers and union representatives on the board as stipulated in the Vocational Education and Training Act.

In terms of the Act, the board is supposed to be constituted by 11 members. Five members from the Labour Advisory Board (LAB), two members from trade unions, three members representing government, and one from the Council of the Namibia Qualifications Authority.

Following the call by trade unions and employer organisations, the minister called a media briefing in which she questioned why the complaint was only raised a year after the board was announced.

"It is crucial to question the timing of these objections and to consider whether they are driven by genuine concerns for the effective functioning of the NTA or by other motives."

Dr. Itah Kandji-Murangi said the extension of the engagement is a show of commitment to exclusivity and collaboration in governance. 

"I have extended an opportunity for constructive engagement by inviting the union and employer associations, as well as the Ministry of Labour and Employment Creation, to propose four members for consideration to augment the board's composition."

The Minister is concerned that the dissolution of a duly appointed board would disrupt operations at the NTA. 

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Lucia Nghifindaka