Namibian national attacked in SA admitted in hospital

NB: Please note that the visuals contained in the attached video might be offensive to sensitive viewers.

Namibia's mission in South Africa has confirmed that a Namibian who was attacked in Johannesburg on Wednesday night has been admitted to the Windhoek Central Hospital.

A video of a Namibian national who was allegedly attacked and robbed in South Africa has been circulating on social media.

There is also an audiobook in circulation authored by a man who is close to the victim.

Census transport service providers must report to their constituencies

Transport service providers in the 2023 Population and Housing Census are urged to report to their constituency offices, where their vehicles are allocated, from September 16 to 17.

Although the deadline is today, the NSA says those who have not reported yet will not be turned away.

The service providers are urged to take along their identification cards, a copy of the vehicle owner certificate, and a letter of concern if the owner is not the one taking the vehicle.

They are also required to provide a bank confirmation letter by Tuesday, the 19th.

Keep Namibia Clean Campaign

Namibia is still working to reclaim its number-one position as the cleanest country in Africa.

To that effect, the Ministry of Environment, Forestry, and Tourism recently joined hands with the organisation 'Let's Do It Namibia' to create awareness around cleanliness.

Currently, Namibia is ranked as the 10th cleanest country in Africa, down from the number one spot after it lost that status to Rwanda. 

Impact Tank honors indigenous heritage

The Impact Tank recently celebrated three years of honouring indigenous heritage.

The company, established in 2020 to cultivate dreams and assist entrepreneurs to grow, drives social impact and inspires cultural innovation in the country. Its Chief Executive Officer, Elzine Mushambi, says the company has grown over the last three years and has a team of 27 representatives across three continents.

Trans Kalahari Railway Line project to continue

Namibia and Botswana's Joint Ministerial Committee on Transport has agreed to continue with the progression of the Trans Kalahari Railway Line project.

Construction is set to start in January 2025.

During the discussion, the two governments reached an agreement to have an expression of interest from the public to participate in the project for a pre-qualification stage between this year and February next year.

The two countries also agreed to seek funders and resources for the project to carry out a feasibility study and construct it.

Windhoek residents protest against commercial banks

Residents of Windhoek have embarked on a mass protest against commercial banks over home repossessions.

The protests are set to be undertaken nationwide.

Led by the National Ownership Association, protestors say the issue of repossession has been a longstanding concern, and many citizens have lost their primary residence as a result.

The petitioners want an amendment to the law to allow people to live dignified lives.

NAMCOL appoints board members

The Minister of Education, Arts, and Culture, Anna Nghipondoka, urged the newly appointed board members to prioritise transparency and foster collaborative efforts for the promising future of NAMCOL.

In inaugurating the nine-member board, Nghipondoka mentioned that the Ministry envisions NAMCOL's evolution into an open university.

Dr. Herta Ndatengomwa Pomuti and Tonata Uwanga were re-appointed.

Evelyn Namoya, David Jarrett, Rachel Kalipi, Evelina Nsinano, John Kauhanda, Dr. Heroldt Murangi, and Sanet Steenkamp are new members of the board of directors.

NAMCOL Career Fair

The Namibian College of Open Learning provides an opportunity for school learners to familiarise themselves with deeper and more detailed information on the types of careers they are interested in.

The institution's career fair, which is expected annually, aims at introducing and promoting possible careers to the learners and, at the same time, exposing them to various fields.

The fair is an experience for learners from different schools in the capital with different experts from various institutes to provide a deeper understanding and knowledge when choosing a career.

Afroprint Line launches Project Roll-A-Dice

The Afroprint Line Trading CC has launched its Project Roll-A-Dice show to promote Namibia and Africa's culture as well as creative knowledge through captivating music entertainment.

Project Roll-A-Dice aims to innovate Swift 30, a game show that is evolving from its origin as a board game.

The game show's primary focus is to showcase Namibia's rich and diverse culture through engaging entertainment trivia.

In collaboration with local creative and cultural experts, Swift 30 seeks to provide viewers with an educational experience.