The Namibia Institute of Public Administration and Management (NIPAM) and MTC Dome Hotel have formalised their collaboration through a Memorandum of Understanding aimed at enriching training and development opportunities for public service employees.

NIPAM is mandated to transform the public service by instilling a culture of purpose, values, and professional traditions among public sector employees. 

The Acting Executive Director of NIPAM, Rebekka Kakololo, highlights the necessity of entering into an MoU with MTC Dome Hotel located at the coast as a strategic alliance.

"NIPAM has identified strategic alliances as one of the key critical interventions if we are to effectively reach our mandate and our services to our users, which are ministries, local authorities, regional councils, and public enterprises. These institutions are important because many of them have offices in different regions, and the coastal area is one of them. To respond to the increased demand for our services and promote our offerings in terms of training and consultants, we have identified the Dome as such a strategic partner; hence, we are here today, signing this MoU between the two institutions."

The partnership with the MTC Dome Hotel seeks to provide NIPAM with a unique setting for its training programmes. Fanus Engelbrecht emphasises the importance of keeping the Dome current and highlights its ability to accommodate numerous opportunities.

"We are very excited about this partnership and the signing of the MOU. We really want to share what we have at the Dome with the rest of Namibia, and our biggest goal is to be relevant. The Dome in Swakopmund is quite big, and it will never work if it's not used. It should be relevant, especially for the community."

The MoU between NIPAM and MTC Dome Hotel signifies a commitment to collaborative efforts in enhancing professional development opportunities for public service employees in Namibia. 

This collaboration underscores the importance of public-private partnerships in driving innovation and excellence in public service training and development.

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