The Minister of Health and Social Services, Dr. Kalumbi Shangula, has responded to concerns raised by Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) MP Winnie Moongo about the shortage of cardiotocography papers at Windhoek Central Hospital.

Dr. Shangula acknowledged that, despite the shortage, clinicians at Windhoek Central Hospital have been able to deliver appropriate care using their clinical judgement. 

He highlighted that the cardiotocography machines at the hospital are equipped with real-time monitors, enabling immediate diagnosis and management based on foetal heart rate observations.

"The shortage of stock in CTG papers was created due to delayed delivery by the supplier, which was addressed when the delayed consignment arrived. The shortage of CTG papers was a challenge, but it did not compromise our clinicians' ability to provide quality care. Modern technology and clinical judgement allowed us to adapt swiftly, ensuring every patient received the attention they deserved."

To prevent future shortages, the Ministry of Health and Social Services is developing a sustainable procurement strategy in line with the Public Procurement Act.

The strategy will include advanced ordering and emergency procurement measures to ensure uninterrupted health care services.

"However, in the long term, it is worth noting that the world is shifting away from paper-based CTGs. Leveraging technologies from the 3rd and 4th Industrial Revolutions, the Ministry of Health and Social Services is exploring various options to improve the quality of health service delivery. In this regard, the Ministry has been looking into modern foetal monitoring tools such as Instellispace Perinatal Electronic Monitoring. Instellispace Perinatal Electronic Monitoring has a number of patient safety advantages. Maternal healthcare extends beyond individual lives; it's fundamental to the well-being of society. The Ministry's goal is to navigate the intricacies of childbirth with the utmost care, ensuring the safety of both mother and child."

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