Private sector memorial service honours late President Geingob's impact on Namibia

The memorial service at Casa Rosalia on Monday was organised by the private sector and included tributes from several prominent figures reflecting on the late President Geingob's impact on Namibia.

The tributes emphasised President Geingob's understanding of the necessity of making tough decisions to build an inclusive and prosperous Namibia, as well as his focus on promoting tourism and creating a welcoming environment.

Furthermore, his initiatives to stimulate economic growth, ensure fair treatment for all, and influence various sectors were recognised.

Various establishments set up remembrance tables in memory of late President Geingob

The late President Hage Geingob was a key figure in politics and also played a crucial role in shaping the business environment.

nbc News visited various establishments that had set up remembrance tables in memory of him, evoking reflections on his legacy.

These tables were promptly arranged following the news of his passing.

The News team's first visit was to Maerua Lifestyle Centre, where at Super Spar Maerua, an impressive remembrance table was on display.

Namibia has recorded 52 air crash fatalities since 2008

Namibia has recorded 52 air crash fatalities since 2008.

The Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigations Department says it is working to ensure that it conforms to international safety laws.

The country today joined the global community in observing the International Day for Commemorating Air Crash Victims and Their Families. 

The International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) designated February 20 as the official day for commemorating air crash victims and their families.

Minister Theofelus provides update on preparations for Dr Geingob's memorial events 

The Minister of Information, Communication, and Technology, Emma Theofelus, today updated the nation on progress made in preparing for the memorial events leading up to the burial of President Hage Geingob.

The ICT Minister further warned against spreading false information regarding the funeral arrangements.

Teofelus emphasised that the public should rely solely on verified information from official channels, specifically the ICT Ministry's online platforms and the National Broadcaster, nbc, as the premium source of information.

Late President Geingob had set out to transition to full-time farming post-presidency

The late President Hage Geingob was preparing to venture into full-time farming after his presidency in 2025.

In December 2022, Dr. Geingob hosted the nbc and MICT production crew for a tour around Farm Hadaloha.

Along the fertile lands of the famous maize triangle is the Geingob family farm, Hadaloha, situated along the road to Tsumeb from Otavi, with an estimated 60 000 hectares of arable land.

Oshana Region pays tribute to late President Hage Geingob

The people of the Oshana Region came together to offer fitting tributes to the late President Hage Geingob during the region's memorial service held at Ongwediva.

Those in attendance hailed him as a jack of all trades and a master of all for his unmatched leadership skills that brought immense benefits to the region and the nation.

The memorial service, which was preceded by a church service, was attended by political and traditional leaders, the business community, and the general public.

Omaheke traditional leaders honour President Hage Geingob for fostering development and unity

Various traditional leaders in the Omaheke Region described the late President Hage Geingob as someone who had always encouraged traditional leaders to reason together in their differences for the benefit of community development. 

Chief Hendrik Martin of the !Xoo Traditional Authority in the Aminuis Constituency stated that the late President Hage Geingob had always been on record reminding traditional leaders of their role in the promotion of peace and pushing for the development agenda. 

Zambezi pays tribute to a gallant leader

Residents of the Zambezi Region gathered at the Katima Mulilo Sports Complex on Friday to mourn the death of the late president, Dr. Hage Geingob.

Zambezi Governor Alufea Sampofu expressed his condolences on behalf of the region, noting that the late president was a gallant and humble leader.

Sampofu reiterated that Geingob loved his country and joined the struggle for independence at the tender age of 27 to ensure Namibia's liberation from colonialism and change the apartheid regime to one run by the Namibian people themselves.

United Nations agencies commemorate late President Hage Geingob's international legacy

United Nations agencies gathered to engage in dialogue and reflect on the late President Hage Geingob's internationalist outlook. 

Representatives of the agencies paid tribute to the late Namibian president, recalling how President Geingob often emphasised the importance of international solidarity and referred to Namibia as a product of this solidarity.

Otjinene Constituency honours late President Hage Geingob as a resolute leader 

The leaders and residents of the Otjinene constituency joined the rest of the country in remembrance of the late President Hage Geingob, whom they describe as a leader of note, a people's president, and someone who always stood by his word.

The Chairperson of the Otjinene Village Council, Lesley Kauandara, emphasised that the late President Hage Geingob served his country with dedication and had shown political maturity by singling out the appointment of opposition figures into the country's administration.