Namibia-Angola governors forum strengthens bilateral ties


The Governors Forum is a collaborative initiative between Namibia and Angola that signals a pivotal step towards enhancing bilateral relations and addressing shared challenges impacting communities along the border.

The gathering of key stakeholders from the border regions of Namibia and Angola is poised to serve as a platform for meaningful dialogue, cooperation, and strategic engagement.

Namibia draws lessons from oil producing economies


Namibia can draw lessons from other oil-producing economies as the country positions itself to ensure a sustainable future.

The country is expected to be among the top 15 oil producers in Africa by 2035, should it stay clear of corrupt practices and mismanagement of natural resources.

Speaking at a public lecture on Preventing the Dutch Disease: How to Position Namibia's Oil and Gas Endowments at Lüderitz organised by the Bank of Namibia, its Governor, Johannes !Gawaxab said new discoveries could potentially double the country's GDP and its output.

Namibia's Boundaries Delimitation Commission gears up for election-year


There is much work expected of the Boundaries Delimitation and Demarcation Commission.

This is in line with the Year of Expectations and Elections, as declared by the late President Hage Geingob.

President Nangolo Mbumba emphasised this during the appointment of commissioners for the Boundaries Delimitation and Demarcation Commission.

Article 104 of the Namibian Constitution authorises the President to appoint a Boundaries Delimation and Demarcation Commission every 10 years. 

Green Hydrogen Commissioner urges Namibia to advance industrial agenda


The Green Hydrogen Commissioner states that discussions surrounding green hydrogen in Namibia have progressed beyond mere conversation. It is now necessary for Namibia to develop a plan for a green industrial agenda, focusing on production and the establishment of new industries.

During an interview on NBC's Talk of the Nation program, James Mnyupe mentioned that Namibia has made significant progress in the development of green hydrogen, which has demonstrated positive potential for the country.

Copper cable theft a huge concern at Okahandja


Copper cable theft has been on the rise in Namibia, causing significant problems for electricity distribution companies and the communities they serve.

The town of Okahandja has become a hotspot for this dangerous criminal activity.

In the early morning hours of Sunday, residents of Smarties extension 9 in Okahandja were awakened by a loud sound, followed by a power outage.

At sunrise, residents noticed that three copper cables had been cut from a transformer supplying power to their houses. They promptly alerted CENORED officials, who responded quickly.

Minister of Finance joins youth-led cleanup campaign at Green Leaves Primary School


The "Minister of Finance Gets His Hands Dirty with the Youth" campaign kicked off at Green Leaves Primary School in Okahandja Park today. Led by National Council member Emma Muteka, who also serves as Secretary General of the Tukwatha Youth Organization, the event aims to highlight the importance of collective action in creating a cleaner and safer environment.