Former Governor of the Erongo Region, Samuel Nuuyoma, says the Swapo Party is determined and ready to improve the living conditions of Namibians because that is the reason the party fought and sacrificed to liberate the country.

Nuuyoma made the remarks at a mini rally at Swakopmund, where he handed over cards to new members.

According to him, Swapo's plan for a better Namibia is not lost because the party will use available resources to realise that dream.

The former governor highlighted the various challenges facing Namibia, including high unemployment among the youth and poor health facilities.

"There are many without jobs and clean water, especially in rural areas, but this should not be seen as a sign that Swapo is unable to improve on these conditions. We know and we hear the cry of our people, and we are not putting our ears aside and do not want to listen to what our people say. We are listening, and the Swapo Party is always ready and determined to improve the conditions for our people."

Nuuyoma noted that corruption is another challenge affecting the pace of development in Namibia.

"Swapo Party is not corrupt; Namibians are not corrupt, but there are individuals; those are the ones who are corrupt, and they cannot be identified because they have no colour to show and no name on their faces to indicate to us that they are corrupt and cannot be put there. This is worldwide, but Swapo is not corrupt. Anyone who says that Swapo is corrupt is blaming yourself. You are the one who is corrupt."

Nuuyoma and other Swapo leaders further paid homage to the fallen heroes and heroines of the Cassinga massacre.

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Renate Rengura