Poor attendance at Swakopmund BDDC consultations


Swakopmund residents have proposed that the constituency be divided into two to better deliver services to the growing population.

The constituency population has grown by 41 percent since 2011.

The 5th Boundaries Delimitation and Demarcation Commission gave the Swakopmund Constituency a second opportunity to consult the community.

At the previous meeting on the 10th, it was discovered that the community was not consulted.

However, only 40 people turned up to share their ideas, and some expressed disappointment in the poor attendance.

Over 30% of young people aged 13-15 use tobacco products


Namibia's laws do not currently regulate new and emerging tobacco products such as hubbly bubbly, vapes, and e-cigarettes.

The Deputy Minister of Health and Social Services, Dr. Utjiua Muinjangue, has called on stakeholders to address the gaps as they propose amendments to the Tobacco Products Control Act.

Stakeholders have gathered at Swakopmund to identify gaps and review the Tobacco Products Act.

Despite the introduction of the law in 2010, there is still an increase in tobacco product use among communities, especially among youth.

Youth urged to speak out and not suffer in silence


A Seventh-day Adventist Youth Director has called on young people to talk about their problems instead of suffering in silence.

Over 2,000 young people from Namibia, South Africa, Lesotho, and Eswatini have gathered at Swakopmund for a youth congress.

Organised by the Seventh-day Adventist Church, the event is an annual platform to uplift the youth spiritually.

It is also an opportunity for the church to collaborate with local youth forums to promote the spirit of volunteerism in various fields.

Walvis Bay Management Committee accused of boycotting Red Force meeting


The Walvis Bay Management Committee has been accused of boycotting a special council meeting that was aimed at discussing the Red Force Debt Management contract.

The municipality lawyer was supposed to present the findings of an investigation into the Red Force contract at the meeting.

There have been allegations that the Red Force Debt Management contract with the Walvis Bay Municipality was awarded in a dubious manner.

Lawyer Richard Metcalfe has been investigating the claims, and he was ready to spill the beans at a special council meeting Thursday evening.

Erongo Region best performer in public pharmaceutical services


The Erongo Region has received the award for the best performance in the country regarding public pharmaceutical services, while Onandjokwe Intermediate Hospital has been acknowledged as the best pharmacy in the country.

The Ministry of Health and Social Services (MoHSS) presented awards to top-performing regions and hospitals at the Annual National Pharmaceutical Service Forum.

The five-day forum, held in Walvis Bay, serves as a platform for discussing various aspects related to pharmaceutical services in Namibia.

Legal battles negatively affect availability of pharmaceuticals


Legal battles and lengthy procurement processes have negatively affected the availability of pharmaceuticals in public health facilities.

This is according to the Health and Social Services Executive Director, who says the battles have over the years disrupted the procurement of medicines, leading to shortages.

The Executive Director was speaking at the Annual National Pharmaceutical Services Forum at Walvis Bay.

It is a platform to discuss critical aspects related to pharmaceutical services.

Dust over demands to remove Chief Seibeb refuses to settle


Community members locked the gates of the Daure Daman Traditional Authority office at Uis because Chief Zacharias Seibeb has allegedly not responded to their petition handed over last year.

The community members are also not happy with the Minister of Urban and Rural Development, Erastus Uutoni, whom they say has not responded to the petition that demands the removal of the chief.

The disgruntled community members marched in the streets of Uis to shut down the Daure Daman Traditional office.

Uis needs N$1.5 million to address water problem


Uis in the Daures constituency of Erongo Region needs about N$1.5 million to overcome the water problem at the settlement.

Erongo Chief Regional Officer Mupenzeni Ntelamo says the old asbestos pipe that takes water from the Namwater reservoir to Uis is clogged with limescale.

The asbestos pipe that takes water to the Uis community was constructed in the late 1950s, but limescale has built up over time.

The Chief Regional Officer and his team assessed the water problem at Uis.

Government re-negotiates to find better solution for fishermen


Fisheries and Marine Resources Minister Derek Klazen says the Government Employment Redress Programme will be renegotiated to find a solution for fishermen to do active work on vessels.

At a media conference, Klazen and Labour Minister Utoni Nujoma revealed the outcome of their closed-door meeting held at Walvis Bay on Thursday.

Launched in 2020, the programme stems from an agreement between the Fisheries and Labour Ministries and fishing companies.

Labour, Fisheries ministers answer fishermen's continuous concerns


Labour Minister Utoni Nujoma and Fisheries Minister Derek Klazen convened a closed-door meeting at Walvis Bay to answer fishermen's continuous concerns.

The fishermen are employed under the Government Employment Redress Programme, created to give jobs to hundreds of fishermen who were dismissed for participating in a strike nine years ago.

The fishermen have handed over numerous petitions expressing dissatisfaction with the redress programme, while mass resignations were reported in the past.