Spending on education is an investment in the learner's future, development, and eventually nation-building.

Through its corporate social responsibilities, Dundee precious metal has invested in education substantively over the years. 

Recently, they contracted COSDEC Tsumeb to manufacture chairs and desks worth close to a million dollars for schools in Tsumeb and surrounding areas.

Through a series of consultative workshops with stakeholders, Dundee Precious Metal identified shortages of desks and chairs as pressing issues affecting teaching and learning around schools in Tsumeb and the surrounding areas.

The company donated 710 school desks and 870 chairs for schools in Tsumeb and part of Oshivelo Circuit.

Oshikoto Education Director Aletha Eises stated that investing in education is not in vain but rather the right call.

Speaking on behalf of the beneficiaries, Moi Nambili assured Dundee that they will take great care of the desks and chairs, which in turn will make teaching and learning a smooth process.

Dundee Precious Metal Tsumeb pledged to continue investing in nation-building programmes and make sure that community investments are aligned to the national development plans and the UN sustainable development goals.

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Cosdec Tsumeb


Edelberd Mukena