The International University of Management (IUM) held its graduation ceremony, where more than 2,000 students received qualifications in different fields.

During the graduation ceremony, IUM Founder David Namwandi revealed the university's ambitious plans to expand its infrastructure both in Windhoek and across other regions.

"The number of students has increased, and we are also planning to expand the infrastructure here in Windhoek and in other regions. Huge capital has been put aside from our meagre resources so we can take care of our students, and it's no small budget; it's a huge budget. We believe life is all about sharing, and we want to share the little we have with our students to give them the best infrastructure."

He says this commitment to enhance the learning environment highlights IUM's dedication to student success and its role in shaping the future of education in Namibia. 

Speaking on behalf of the student leadership, the president of the university's SRC, Loide Nghuulondo, reflected on the challenges the students faced, offering words of encouragement. 

"Graduates, today marks a significant milestone in our journey. I am saying 'our' because I am also graduating proudly with a diploma in education, majoring in Afrikaans and English. Let us tap ourselves on our shoulders as we work tirelessly, and today we are here. Imagine that from the early mornings in lectures to late nights in the library, we have demonstrated unwavering dedication, perseverance, and resilience. Each assignment completed, each exam passed, and each challenge overcame has brought us closer to this moment today."

The graduation ceremony was a significant event for students, their families, and the entire university community. 

As IUM expands and enhances its facilities, it remains committed to providing outstanding education and developing skilled professionals.

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The International University of Management


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