Para-Archers from the Atlantis Archery Club in Walvis Bay are exhibiting exceptional skills, determination, and resilience, despite the challenges they face.

Two national champion para-archers are members of the club, and NBC Sport recently visited to observe their practice sessions.

The Atlantis Archery Club is home to 14 members, both male and female archers.

The sport of para archery, often referred to as "disabled archery," is a competitive activity that provides an inclusive environment for athletes with disabilities to participate in archery.

This sport adapts traditional archery rules and equipment to accommodate a wide range of physical and sensory impairments, allowing athletes to compete at various levels, from local clubs to international competitions.

Eighteen-year-old Katelynn Venter, one of the para-archers at the club, is currently Africa's top para-archer, having won the African Championships in 2022.

Venter began practicing archery just five years ago and is now the reigning Namibian champion and record holder in both 50-meter target shooting and 18-meter indoor shooting and is currently ranked 42nd in the world.

In March this year in Dubai, Venter and a male para-archer from her club were officially classified at the championships, allowing them to compete permanently in any international competition.

Venter, who lives for the sport, views her disability not as a disadvantage but as a positive attribute, stating that it has given her unique strengths and perspectives in archery.

JL du Toit, Venter's teammate who also competed in Dubai, is currently ranked number one in the country.

Du Toit holds the title of national champion in both the 50-meter compound open men's and the indoor 18-meter open men's compound categories.

Despite shooting while sitting, he is classified as an open standing archer and is currently ranked fourth in Africa and 96th in the world.



Trimo Herbst