Cabinet has granted the Ministry of Home Affairs the right to impose a visa regime over all countries that have not reciprocated Namibia's gesture of visa exemption.

The strategic decision is aimed at fostering fair and balanced diplomatic relations and will affect 31 countries. In recent years, Namibia, through the Ministry of Home Affairs, Immigration, Safety, and Security, has extended gestures of goodwill and favourable treatment to nationals of various countries. 

However, despite these efforts, certain nations have not reciprocated. In light of this disparity, the Namibian government says it has deemed it necessary to implement a visa requirement to ensure parity and fairness in diplomatic interactions.

The Ministry of Home Affairs will provide the existing guidelines and procedures for the issuance of visas for travellers from the affected countries.

The government emphasises that this measure is not intended to hinder legitimate travel but rather to uphold the principle of reciprocity in international relations. 

The implementation of the visa requirements highlights the government's determination to ensure that the interests and rights of Namibian citizens are respected and protected on a global stage.

The attached table shows the 31 countries that will be issued visas upon arrival in Namibia at an applicable fee in addition to the online visa application.



Franklin Muningirua