President Nangolo Mbumba has urged Namibians to share food and other basic amenities with others amidst the drought situation.

Dr. Mbumba made these remarks during the groundbreaking ceremony of the Ondonga Heritage Shrine held in Ondonga village.

President Mbumba reiterated that the predicament that Namibia finds itself in is a challenge, especially for households with no sources of income and who solely depend on crops.

Poor rainfall experienced during the past rainy season has left little or no harvest for some households.

"Do not blame me for the lack of rainfall, as I do not have any control over it. But your elected government has your back, even if we have to borrow money. Our neighbours also did not receive good rainfall and are facing the same predicament as our country, such as Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Malawi. If we need a maize meal, we will look at Tanzania. I also want to urge our police officers to desist from prohibiting our people from crossing the country with their Mahangu. We must be united, share with each other, and be on equal footing."

The Ondonga Traditional Authority's Omukwaniilwa Fillemon Nangolo urged Namibians to be champions of preserving cultural norms and values.

He added that cultural events and undertakings should be respected while maintaining historical records and observing ancient practices.

"We worked hard from the onset of this programme until today, and I must say I am really proud of all of you for playing your part. For those who say I have too many programmes, don't worry; we must continue to work as our forefathers expected of us. We will do all that we need to do over time."

The groundbreaking ceremony of the Ondonga Heritage Shrine preceded the Omagongo Annual Festival, which brought together traditional authorities and people from across the country.

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