Day three of the IMMAF African Championships is underway at the Hybrid Fitness Centre in Windhoek, and the cage is on fire.

Namibia's flyweight champ, Damian Muller, stormed into the octagon for his opening bout and absolutely dominated his Zambian opponent, Jonathan Banda. 

Muller wasn't done there - he then went on to crush the two-time Bantamweight African Champion!  Let's take a closer look at the action.

A Zimbabwean fighter also impressed the crowd with his lightning-fast reflexes and knockout power, securing a decisive victory in his recent fight. His performance has set the bar high, and all the warriors are leaving it all in the cage each round, determined to outlast their opponents.

Fighters from across the entire continent have converged here, showcasing their finest techniques and unwavering grit. Every single clash has been a nail-biter a true testament to the mastery of these martial artists.

Stay tuned for more updates and highlights from the IMMAF African Championships as these warriors wage war for glory in their respective weight divisions.



Photo Credits
Meke Vahongaifa/Ob Visuals