A preliminary meeting for the Delimitation and Demarcation Commission scheduled for Khomasdal residents on Sunday at the Khomasdal Constituency Hall did not take place due to the councillors' absence and lack of quorum.

The meeting was postponed due to the councillor's absence and the resulting lack of quorum, despite the presence of some committee members.

Fazilla Bock, acting as the spokesperson, spoke to nbc News about the significance of this meeting. 

"We were hoping to see or hear from which boundaries this Khomasdal constituency is going to be, because Khomasdal is very vast, and with these upcoming elections, presidential and local authorities need to know, or how will we inform the constituency members?"

In addition, Bock announced that there would be voter registration education sessions at the following schools: Gammams Primary School, Ella Du Plessis High School, and Eldorado High School.

"We are now busy with voter registrations, and I am urging the CDC officers to make sure that everyone in these Khomasdal constituencies must register from 18 years and up."

These sessions aim to inform and engage the community about the voter registration process, ensuring a well-informed electorate.



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