The youth of Omitara have taken a proactive step towards addressing social issues within their community by launching an independent youth organisation.

This new entity aims to improve the lives of Omitara's young people and provide a platform for their voices to be heard.

Comprised of youth members with designated roles, including a chairperson and vice chairperson, the organisation is dedicated to youth-led initiatives. It focuses on planning, public policy, and decision-making to enhance and maintain conditions that support the interests of both the local and governmental levels.

To mark its inauguration, the organisation invited government officials to the launch event. This served as an introduction and an opportunity to inform local authorities about the pressing social issues the community faces.

Pecka Semba, Omaheke chief regional officer, has promised to support the youth organisation and improve the lives of Omitara's youth by addressing issues of social justice.

The organisation stressed the need for inspiration and empowerment for the youth, with a particular emphasis on education as a critical area requiring attention.

The youth also proposed the establishment of a recreational centre that could serve as a hub for educational activities, networking, and youth discussions. Such a facility would keep the youth engaged and foster a progressive mindset.

The vice chairperson passionately spoke about the challenges faced by the youth, offering innovative solutions such as developing aquatourism. They suggested transforming the dam located in the settlement into a recreational area to create employment opportunities for the youth.

The formation of this youth organisation marks a significant step towards addressing and mitigating the social issues within Omitara. By taking the initiative to engage with local and governmental authorities, the youth are paving the way for a brighter, more sustainable future for their community.



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