Youth called to vote for change

The Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) says it's high time the youth take charge of the country and vote for change in the November 2024 election.

PDM President McHenry Venaani says this is the only way they will address high unemployment and create jobs.

Venaani addressed a rally at Tsumeb over the weekend.

He told the gathering that the party is ready to address the high unemployment rate among the youth, beef up the agricultural sector, and ensure the landless are offered social housing.

Youths of Erongosig voice their grievances

Youths of Erongosig, a surbub in Usakos, voiced their grievances over what they termed the unjust distribution of land in their neighborhood. They handed over a petition of their plea to the mayor, Irene Simeon-Kurtz.

Born and raised in Usakos, many of these residents say they have spent their lives in their parents' homes, a situation they say is not desirable. Frustration emanated from their voices as they informed Simeon-Kurtz that they diligently applied for land annually, but without success.

Omatako youth demand agricultural land

The community of Omatako in Tsumkwe West demonstrated against the !Kung Traditional Authority regarding the alleged denial of land for a proposed youth development project.

They handed over a petition to the senior councillor on behalf of Otjozondjupa Governor James Uerikua.

The youth project was proposed by the San and a final-year student at UNAM Matambo Kambila studying in the field of agriculture.

The intention was to keep young people busy, reduce the high crime rate, create jobs, and reduce poverty.

Katima Mulilo youth unhappy with NSA

A group of young people at Katima Mulilo have joined the chorus of the dissatisfied with regards to the selection of enumerators for the Population and Housing Census.

Most of those who took to the streets are from the San community, who say the process was unfair as most minorities did not make the cut. Speaking to nbc News team, unsuccessful applicant Tina Kwala claimed most of the potential enumerators are already employed. She said her community mainly comprises parents who are unable to provide for their families and roam the streets for survival.

Tsumkwe youth protest over census candidate list

Youth in Tsumkwe maintain their protest over the census candidate list and demand answers.

In Tsumkwe, the youth community continued their demonstration this morning, expressing their dissatisfaction with the supplementary list of candidates for this year's National Population and Housing Census. The group's chairperson, Simson Kapembe, revealed that the list was meant to undergo verification involving the councillor's office and two youth representatives.

Tsumkwe Youth strive for government involvement in mass employment

Young people from Tsumkwe, in the Otjozondjupa Region, are steadfast in their quest to be included in mass employment by the government and its agencies. They vow to boycott and disrupt the upcoming Population and Housing Census process. On Tuesday, the youth took to the streets to vent their frustrations over the matter.

Keep a Girl Child in school initiative

The "Keep a Girl Child in School" initiative aims to empower and educate young women on menstrual hygiene management and reproductive health and provide them with sanitary pads.

Three young women from the Omaheke Region, Jatjizavi Kavendjaa, Otja Kavara, and Kakuna Katuuo, came together and started the "Keep a Girl Child in School" initiative.

The project, which started in January this year, has covered six different schools in Omaheke thus far, and there are plans to visit Outjo and Otavi.