After the conclusion of the elite leagues in the country, attention has shifted to informal football in the capital, where tournaments and league actions are taking place.

Despite facing challenges ahead of the cup, Nelson Shipandeni, the organizer of the one-day Winter Cup competition, is satisfied with the interest in participation at the tournament.

United Boys, a team that plays in the Samora Machel League, is currently hosting a two-weekend annual cup competition at Havana 3-Way.

Eighteen teams are vying for Cup honors. Ondobe Eleven narrowly lost to Yashe 2-1 and has been knocked out of the competition.

Meanwhile, in league football, the Dream Social Soccer League is ongoing and still in its first half of the season.

Laban Reen, Commissioner of the Dream Soccer League, complimented the dedication of the teams in the league.

The Goreangab-based team Amajitas, coached by young Betuel Uusiku, commended the league organizers for a well-run season.

Uusiku also commented on the progress of his team in the league following their victory in the match.




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Boston Mayumbelo