Walvis Bay residents have handed over a third petition, demanding the removal of the Red Force Debt Management Company as a debt collector.

They say the municipality has violated the law by entering into a contract with Red Force without a council resolution or the involvement of the Central Procurement Board.

In April, all the Walvis Bay Municipal Council members decided to terminate the contract with Red Force Debt Management.

The company successfully challenged the decision, with the High Court ordering that Red Force continue collecting debt on behalf of the municipality and disconnecting the water supply where required.

However, residents are frustrated.

Mayor Trevino Forbes, accompanied by three local councillors, received the petition but indicated that the matter is presently before the courts. 

Residents also handed over a petition to the Red Force, saying their actions to disconnect the residents' water supply were unlawful.

They threatened to register criminal cases against the company if it continued with its acts. 

Councillor Ephraim Shozi, who tabled the motion to remove Red Force, re-iterated that the Red Force contract was illegal.

"There is no council resolution; it was never approved by the council; that's the beginning of things. We need to focus on which rules we followed to approve the tender from Red Force."

Walvis Bay Mayor Trevino Forbes and Councillor Richard !Hoaeb also recently pointed out that Red Force's appointment had not stemmed from any council resolution.

The contract between the municipality and Red Force is currently under investigation, and preliminary findings were supposed to be revealed at an aborted special council meeting last month.

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Renathe Rengura