Swakopmund pensioners devastated about Dr Geingob's death

Pensioners at Swakopmund say they are still in shock and devastation over the death of President Hage Geingob, whom they described as a hero.

Pensioners at the Mondesa Multi-Purpose Centre all wanted to say something about his legacy and spoke with passion in their vernacular languages and Afrikaans as they remembered the times that the late president spent with them.

Erongo Governor Neville Andre decided not to present his prepared speech so that the senior citizens would have enough time to express their feelings.

Dr. Gerhard Totemeyers' unfinished book to be published

There is a plan to posthumously publish prominent freedom fighter and writer Dr. Gerhard Tötemeyers' final and unfinished book.

The youngest daughter of the late professor says the family wishes for the book to be published, but it must first be established what the book is.

Professor Tötemeyer, who was cremated last week, was one of Namibia's influential authors.

In total, he has written 25 books on politics, history, regional government, and other matters.

ICT Minister inaugurates nbc's office at Swakopmund

Minister of Information and Communication Technology, Dr. Peya Mushelenga, has called on public media houses to uphold the highest standards of journalistic integrity.

Dr. Mushelenga, who inaugurated the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation's office in Swakopmund, has emphasised the need for public media to remain impartial and prioritise public interest above all else.

The story of the nbc Swakopmund office starts with humble beginnings.

In 1999, the headquarters sent a news crew, including a reporter and cameraman, to set up a small office at the coast.

NASAWU welcomes Etosha Fishing reopens

The Namibia Seamen and Allied Workers Union has welcomed Etosha Fishing's decision to reopen its cannery.

The company announced that operations will resume at the end of this month to process the Horse Mackerel relief quota, allocated by the line ministry. The Cabinet approved the allocation of a 5,000-metric-ton horse mackerel quota to Etosha Fishing in June.

Uranium mines comment on Gov export regulations

The ban on exports of critical raw materials is seen as an opportunity for the country's two large uranium mines, Rossing and Husab, to add value.

The managers of the mines say the advancement in technology could make it possible for Namibia, but they questioned what measures the government will put in place to ensure that the requirement is met. The managers of Rossing and Husab Uranium mines were asked by member of parliament, Tjekero Tweya, if they were scared of the government's ban on exports of critical raw materials.

Uranium mine's utility bills questioned

The Chairperson of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Natural Resources has asked uranium mines to be truthful in revealing how much of their budget is spent on electricity and water.

Tjekero Tweya believes the cost of the two utilities is too high in Namibia, and that is among the reasons why uranium mines are not making a bigger impact on the country's development. The mines and energy subcommittee under the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Natural Resources visited various mines in the Erongo Region.

Growing disease-free bananas

A scientist at Avagro near Swakopmund has been exploring options for growing disease-free bananas and date palms to help Namibian farmers diversify their crops and get better yields. Through a process called tissue culture, Frieda Shigwedha says Avagro's plan is to train local people on how to cultivate bananas and create jobs for themselves.

HR professionals urge to create productive work environments

Erongo Governor Neville Andre has urged human resources practitioners to create an environment that enables individuals to reach their full potential at work. Human resources practitioners in Namibia have gathered at Swakopmund for a two-day conference.

The 13th Annual General Meeting of the Institute of People Management is being held under the theme "Unleash, Inspire, and Connect". 

More funding required for startups

A senior associate at Business Financial Solutions, Hafeni Hamukoto, has emphasised the need to increase investment in African start-ups that provide unique solutions to challenges.

Some owners of startups say they have experienced difficulties accessing funding and other types of support to realise their dreams. Business Financial Solutions decided to invest in Namibia's first TEA metallurgical lab at Swakopmund, which needed massive funding in 2019.

TEA metallurgical laboratory opens

Erongo Governor Neville Andre has inaugurated the first ever multi-million-dollar TEA metallurgical laboratory in the country. 

The lab, owned by two young Africans, Wensia Ruiters from Namibia and Kevin Mwashuma from Kenya, is located in Swakopmund. Ruiters and Mwashuma acquired the Trace Elements Analysis Laboratories (TEA Labs) in 2019 and have since expanded their operations.