Bernhard Esau, the former Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources, has won a High Court case allowing him to access some of his assets that have been under a restraint order.

His lawyer, Florian Beukes, has confirmed the success to nbc News. 

The decision, handed down today, permits Esau to use these assets to cover his legal fees in the ongoing Fishrot case.

The assets had been previously restrained as part of the broader investigation into alleged corruption and bribery involving millions of dollars.

Esau, who has maintained his innocence, argued that access to his assets was crucial to ensuring he receives a fair trial by being able to afford adequate legal representation. The court's decision recognises this necessity, providing him with the means to engage his lawyers effectively in the preparation and conduct of his defence.

The Fishrot scandal, involving several prominent figures, has been one of the largest corruption cases in Namibia's history, with significant ramifications for governance and the management of natural resources in the country.

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Daniel Nadunya