The acting Deputy Executive Director in the Ministry of Health and Social Services highlighted the importance of manufacturing medical equipment locally to enhance economic development and bolster trade capacity.

Axel Tibinyane stressed the need for the government to actively facilitate and support local manufacturing companies, also pointing out that importing goods without empowering local manufacturers is tantamount to exporting jobs, skills, and foreign exchange and bolstering the capacity of the countries from which purchases are made. 

He emphasised the urgent need for a reversal of this trend, particularly through government initiatives that promote local production. 

This approach aims to create new employment opportunities, generate additional income streams, and stimulate economic development directly within the country.

"So my colleagues here are very much involved in the procurement process; there are what we call preferences to be applied to favour local value addition, and this is what we must continue to do. You should not be discouraged; there are always obstacles. Nothing goes very smoothly, but eventually, if you persevere, success will be beyond your horizons."

Tibinyane, upon receiving a donation of locally manufactured health equipment from Namibia Medical Engineering, expressed appreciation and praised the company. 

He emphasised that this contribution represents an investment in delivering high-quality health services and enhancing the wellbeing of communities. 

He also noted that it would alleviate pressure on healthcare facilities.

The donation, valued at N$500,000, includes delivery beds, assorted trolleys, drip stands, x-ray viewing boxes, examination couches, bed lockers, patient stretchers, and other essential locally manufactured health items.

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Namibia Medical Engineering


Celma Ndhikwa