Students unhappy with the Rent Control Bill delays

The Students Union of Namibia (SUN) has expressed dissatisfaction with delays in the enactment of the Rent Control Bill.

The bill seeks to regulate rental fees.

The bill has been worked on by the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development since 2017 and was delayed due to pending regulations.

In the meantime, Namibians will continue to feel the pinch of exorbitant rent rates, particularly students who are left with no choice and resort to degrading means to have accommodation, says the union.

Public lecture on youth unemployment

As discussions around youth unemployment take centre stage, frustrations continue to mount as many ponder what concrete solutions there are after many years of deliberations.

A public lecture on a presentation titled "Social Protection, Inequality, and Youth Unemployment in Namibia: Infringement of the Social Contract" unpacked consequences undermining the social contract.

Hold labour unions accountable - Hebert Jauch

Labour expert Hebert Jauch says it is imperative for trade unions to engage with their members and workers' organisations.

This, he says, is a way of holding unions accountable and giving workers control. Hebert Jauch raised a concern about unions not engaging or knowing their members, let alone holding congresses since their inception. This, Jauch says, defeats the purpose of a union, questioning the relevance of non-performing and upcoming unions.

Local authority leaders urged to avoid political affiliation 

The Minister of Urban and Rural Development, Erastus Utoni, has urged local authority leaders to avoid political affiliation when carrying out their duties.

He made the call during a joint signing ceremony of the renewal and new cooperation agreements between the City of Windhoek and 16 other local authorities.

The areas of cooperation entail solid waste and sewerage management, human resources and capacity building, economic development, as well as land and housing.

PDM pledges to support Paragon

Leader of the Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) McHenry Venaani has pledged his support for local company Paragon Aviation taking over ground handling services from Menzies Aviation at the Hosea Kutako International Airport (HKIA).

He says it is only fair that they are granted a chance to prove themselves.

Data Protection Bill validation

The enactment of the Data Protection Bill, once enforced, could boost Namibia's competitiveness in the investment and business spheres.

This was highlighted at a two-day stakeholder validation workshop.

Competitiveness will aid Namibia in building and maintaining trust and credibility with investors while making it an investment destination.

The Namibia Investment Promotion and Development Board's Margareth Gustavo was alluding to international investors who proposed to set up a call centre and service-providing opportunities in the country.